Acarodermatitis f urticarioides

зернова́я чесо́тка f

German-russian medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • acarodermatitis — A skin inflammation or eruption produced by a mite. [G. akari, mite, + derma (dermat ), skin] a. urticarioides infestation with the grain itch mite, Pyemotes ventricosus. See grain itch …   Medical dictionary

  • acarodermatitis urticarioides — grain itch …   Medical dictionary

  • grain itch — n an itching rash caused by the bite of a mite of the genus Pyemotes (P. ventricosus) that occurs chiefly on grain, straw, or straw products compare GROCER S ITCH * * * a self limited eruption with wheals and itching, caused by the mite Pyemotes… …   Medical dictionary

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